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A company of experts dedicated to helping businesses become more profitable

Is your organisation poised for a period of growth or change? Are you looking for ways to boost your profits?

Most business leaders face these challenges at some stage. When this happens, they are often torn between the need to work on developing their businesses and the pressures of everyday work. At such times, an external adviser can make all the difference, especially one who can apply thought and analysis with experience and creative thinking.

That is where Bardwyck can help. Bardwyck is a company of coaches, mentors and expert advisers dedicated to helping business owners and managers find and follow the best routes to success – without the disruption and expense associated with traditional management consultancy projects.

We are particularly skilled at helping businesses develop achievable visions, goals and strategic plans, and plan their marketing for optimum success. We take a holistic, long-term view of our clients’ businesses, so we gain an insight into and understanding of them that is second to none. As a result, we can make them more profitable and more successful more quickly.

Our clients include::

  • Fledgling businesses as they move out of the start-up stage and need to move forward, often with limited cash or time-scales
  • Established companies wanting to expand or change direction
  • Businesses looking for ways to make their marketing activities produce better results

Our background is in the technology, manufacturing and engineering sectors, but we have worked with organisations of all types and sizes, from start-ups to multi-nationals, in the research and development, manufacturing, commercial, retail, healthcare, charity and not-for-profit sectors.

Peer-to-peer advice: we are experienced business owners ourselves

Our advisers have many years’ experience of running their own firms as well as working with companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals, helping them to plan their strategies and operations for optimum performance.

Some of our past projects include:

Problem child or hidden jewel? Following a merger of two national emergency services, it was unclear how to bring the two teams together. Our work revealed that the smaller division was, in fact, an asset with immense potential. In the process, we saved 32 people’s jobs and added significant value to the parent organisation’s service offering. Find out more


Declining sales: we helped the commercial division of a large charity to become more sales-oriented, focusing more on sales to commercial organisations as well as to the charity’s regional branches and thus bringing in more funds. One outcome was the appointment of a sales manager who brought in the first £250,000 sale within three months. Find out more


Loss of traditional markets: we helped a US-led, global software company to develop a new marketing strategy that would work in the UK. The result was a several-fold increase in UK sales. The strategy was adopted world-wide and ultimately led to the company’s sale for over $250 million to one of the world’s largest IT and equipment suppliers. Find out more


Sudden departure of a key individual: when an orchestra lost its manager, who had done literally everything – sales, marketing, concert management, player appointment – we helped re-structure the committee so that everyone had a defined role, with tasks outlined in a comprehensive process manual. Find out more


Creating one team from two: a small artist management business in the classical music industry found itself with operational and cultural stresses after it took over and merged with a larger competitor. We worked with the two sets of people to create a single, effective team with a culture of trust and collaboration as well as a new, more commercial approach. As a result, the business has become one of the most successful in its sector (full story coming soon).

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