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  • Hummingbird cake, Black Forest Gateau and ? Visit us at Ely Cathedral Celebration of Business Thursday afternoon, 21st May,
  • Come & see Bardwyck at Ely Cathedral Celebration of Business starting this w/e. Tea and homemade cakes on our stand as usual,Thurs 21 May,

Bardwyck in the news

21st February 2012 was a red letter day for Bardwyck when the Cambridge News ran a profile on my working day.  It was a great PR opportunity for us because it gave me the chance to explain the sort of work we do.  I even had a chance to talk about one of the techniques we use, Theory of Constraints, which was used to discover the reasons for the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster.  It’s a great technique because it allows you to drill down to the source of a problem.   In the case of many businesses that are experiencing problems, it lets you find ways of making small changes with big results.

Off the back of that idea, we are about to launch our “Make one small change” campaign with a view to helping businesses that don’t want (or need) the disruption and cost of big management consultancy projects, but need help either with a difficult issue (which could be anything from a bottleneck in an office or on the shop floor to managers falling out with each other or even a serious slump in profits) or because they are setting up a new project or company and want to make sure that their operations and systems will really help them achieve their business goals.

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