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Moving out of the start-up stage

Is your business poised to move out of the start-up stage? Are you keen to avoid the growing pains of expansion? It might only take a little forward planning to make it happen …
Many businesses start off as a good idea or because the founders have a special skill or technology. While they are at the start-up stage they run fairly smoothly because costs are relatively low and the people are committed and flexible. Everyone knows everything that is going on, they work closely as a team and can cover for each other.

The time comes, though, when the business begins to grow, and this is when owners and managers face real conflict.

  • Bringing in new staff means a change in the office dynamic and often the need to expand into extra or new work space.
  • The business begins to take on a more rigid structure with boundaries between one person’s role and the next.
  • Costs increase and return on investment decreases, so pressure to concentrate on bringing in revenue means the founders have less time to plan the business.
  • Consequently, the business evolves in a random way and inefficiency can creep in.

These are all reasons why some businesses don’t always take off as smoothly as they should.

That’s where Bardwyck can help

Bardwyck helps owners and managers plan the evolution of their businesses without the upheaval and cost of a typical management consultancy project. Long-time business
owners and managers ourselves, we understand the pressures on organisations emerging from the start-up stage and are well versed in how to help them avoid growing pains and move forward effortlessly and positively.