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Q.   Over the past year we have increased our marketing activity, yet sales are no better.  Should we change our PR/advertising agency or sack our marketing or sales staff?

A.   Not yet.  Your staff are generally your most valuable resource and changing them will mean loss of their knowledge and expertise plus the need to train up new people.  Any number of factors could be at play in this case.  The marketing may be spot on, but targeting the wrong potential customers.  Or your sales people may already be working to capacity and simply can’t do any more.  Yet again, have you changed your operations or infrastructure to support the new marketing push?  Or there might be an inherent problem that has been there all along and that hasn’t gone away just because of the increased activity.  Bardwyck can carry out a review that will identify the exact cause of your difficulties and suggest the best solution.

Q.  What does Bardwyck NOT do?

A.  Bardwyck’s main focus is on business strategy and how it is underpinned by the marketing strategy.  We help our clients find the best way forward for their companies in terms of business and marketing strategies, and we can then help them ensure that they have the right operational infrastructures in place, too.  We generally do not get involved in day-to-day marketing or operations activities, selling on behalf of clients or in more functional tasks such as data cleansing, setting up databases or routine HR jobs, although we are always happy to advise and oversee these jobs if required.