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Sinkies manyA few years ago, Margaret Somner went to the hairdresser’s. Not an uncommon event in anyone’s life, but it was to change her life. One of the sinks was blocked and she had to wait for some time until they could wash her hair.

Instead of complaining, Margaret went back to her OU course and invented the Sinkie, a heat-proof, bleach-proof strainer that prevents waste blocking the sink, and that, unlike other strainers, is hygienic and easy to clean.

She quickly found a distributor for the Sinkie and soon several large stores were signed up. For some years things ticked over nicely, but after a while, very few new sales outlets took the product on. She could still live off the income, but she was not making sufficient revenue to build her new business. Discussions with the distributor only resulted in demands for her to produce something new, but no additional sales resulted.

She called Bardwyck in to help review the potential for the Sinkie and for her business in general. The result was a new vision, for the name Dossil to become synonymous with the best in silicone rubber accessories for the sink, shower and bath, and a five year growth and marketing plan. This involved taking the Sinkie into new markets at home and abroad, gradually improving the design and introducing a range of new products for use with sinks, showers and baths.

What Bardwyck supplied

The work began with an initial 3 days of coaching under the GrowthAccelerator service. This was followed by a 30-day project, which was carried out over a year to fit in with Margaret’s other commitments. It included the following Bardwyck services:

  • Introductory workshop
  • Review of business potential
  • Marketing and sales review
  • Report and recommended future business and marketing strategies
  • †Ongoing work to implement the strategies, with regular reviews

How to move forward

The project established that, with the Sinkie as its starting point, Dossil had the potential to become a highly successful company. However, this could not be done without a clear vision for the business and a strategic plan for at least the next five years, coupled with a defined sales and marketing strategy that would involve appointing new distributors and agents to take the products into new markets in the UK and abroad.

What Bardwyck recommended

Working with the team, Bardwyck came up with a roadmap for doing the following:

  • Further developing the existing market by reducing the company’s dependency on its distributor and taking more sales in-house
  • Establishing new distributors and agents to take the product into selected new markets
  • †††Further developing the Sinkie as well as introducing a range of new products to a defined timetable
  • Improving product awareness by putting in place a carefully planned and budgeted marketing and communications strategy