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Making the most of marketing

Is your marketing as effective as it could be? Is your pre-marketing planning hampering your business growth?
Changing how you think about sales and marketing might be all it takes to take your business into high growth …
Many businesses begin as a good idea or because the founders have a special skill or technology. They do relatively well and marketing brings in a steady stream of new business. Somehow, though, they do not quite achieve the high growth they originally hoped for. Strategy workshops and marketing planning work to some extent, but there are times when the team feels it is hitting its head against a brick wall. Sales representatives fall short of their targets and marketing generates fewer good quality leads than expected. New marketing initiatives help to a degree, but there is still a feeling that the business could do better.
As a result, they don’t always grow as fast as they should.
That’s where Bardwyck can help
Bardwyck helps owners and managers change the way they think about sales and marketing, ensuring the best possible results. Long-time business owners and managers ourselves, we understand the pressures on organisations and are well versed in how to help them avoid the cost and potential for error inherent in conventional marketing approaches.