Small business advisors Bardwyck negotiate the gulf between departments
Try negotiating the gulf between departments at your own risk...
Small business advisors smooth the flow of work through departments
What does it take for a smooth ride?

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One small change makes all the difference

Years of experience have taught us at Bardwyck that most businesses fail to achieve 100% of their full potential.  Yet it is within the grasp of all but a few and it can take only one small change to make all the difference.

As a business grows, it begins to fragment.  Different departments and units emerge with their own objectives and targets, so much so that they begin to lose sight of the overall goals of the business.  This is the point at which parts of the business become misaligned with each other.  The symptoms are managers or staff complaining about each other, profits beginning to flatten off for no obvious reason, technical deadlines being missed and so on.

Any business poised at the edge of a breakthrough or in need of an injection of new impetus can benefit from Bardwyck’s One Small Change service.

This aims  to find small changes that make significant improvement to the business’s efficiency and effectiveness – allowing it to become more successful more quickly.  We work with our clients to develop or improve activities, processes and operational frameworks that are excellent in themselves, make full use of the knowledge and expertise of the people involved and are clearly linked to each other and to the business’s overall goals.

We do all this without the upheaval and cost of a typical management consultancy project. Working with individuals, work groups, departments or whole companies, we develop anything from a new series of tasks to a full operations strategy, and we also help to improve existing processes so they play a fuller part in the company’s success.

Why use the service?

We combine tried and tested management tools with creative thinking and experience in order to find the small things that are holding businesses back from achieving their goals as effectively as possible.

  • We are fully qualified and have a wealth of proven management tools at our fingertips
  • Our combination of research, analysis and creativity provides inspired yet achievable results
  • We have run our own businesses for many years so understand the issues from the inside
  • Our experience encompasses businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals
  • We make sure that our clients can carry on their day-to-day operations while we are working with them
  • We pride ourselves on fully understanding our clients’ businesses

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