Business improvement through a holistic approach.

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Support for other consultancies

Why we offer this service

“When I worked in PR, I occasionally came across a client who was worried that the PR or marketing strategy didn’t seem to be working very well,” says Bardwyck director Patricia Mathieson. “But when it boiled down to it, the real problem lay deeper in the client’s company, in product or service design, finance or operations.”

She explains, “It was sometimes difficult to persuade clients that changing their marketing wasn’t the answer because they’d either think that I didn’t know or that I was trying to divert attention away from my own area. I realised that I needed an independent, impartial advisor who I could introduce to my client and who would assess whether we needed to change the PR, or whether the client would do better by making some other change. So I went back to college and trained specifically to give this kind of advice.”

Elizabeth Jones had similar experience. “Working as an in-house and consultant company secretary, I often came across instances where managers couldn’t agree and internal systems could be undermining each other in quite a serious way – even when, in themselves, they appeared to work well. Nobody in the company had either the time or the impetus to work out what was going on – or how to put the problem right. We needed an independent third party to find the right way through (and, if necessary, to knock heads together!).”

Who can benefit?

Patricia and Elizabeth joined forces when they realised that neither of them could find this kind of third party support. The result, Bardwyck, offers help and support to consultancies wishing to go that extra yard for clients, or to improve their client/consultancy relationships where they are under threat. We work especially with:

  • Accountants
  • Financial advisers
  • Legal advisers
  • Business bankers
  • HR consultants
  • Business coaches
  • Marketing consultants
  • PR consultants
  • Advertising agents
  • Design consultants
  • Web designers
  • IT and systems engineers
  • In-house and subcontract company secretaries

We aim to find the absolute source of any problem, even where it’s totally hidden. Using our research, analysis, facilitation and support, we can help our clients – and their clients – to turn their businesses around, sometimes by making quite simple changes. Email us to talk about how we can help you.