Business improvement through a holistic approach.

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Bardwyck: building stronger businesses through excellence in strategic and marketing planning

Most businesses make a substantial investment in people, systems and proccesses, so they need to make the most of them.  Bardwyck helps companies to do this and, as a direct result, to become successful more quickly.

We offer six main services:

  • From start-up to sapling: we help businesses to plan their future strategies and operations so they can develop successfully beyond the start-up phase and demonstrate their ability to grow.
  • Mentoring for entrepreneurs and managers: we help people manage the conflicts caused by the need to develop the business while carrying on with the everyday work.
  • A roadmap for the future: we help businesses think more clearly about their visions for the future and map out their routes to achieving them.
  • Marketing planning: we help people optimise their sales and profitability by changing the way they think about marketing.
  • One small change: we identify the small operational and strategic changes needed to make all the difference to the success of a business.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and subsidiaries: we help to plan the operational aspects of mergers and acquisitions, to put right problems that arise after post-merger, and to improve the success of under-performing subsidiaries.

Ask us about these or any other, related types of work that we may be able to help with.

Our approach is to ensure that every person, activity and operation in a business is not only excellent in itself, but also adds better value to the organisation as a whole. Our directors are highly qualified and experienced, with many years’ experience of helping businesses to achieve their objectives.
Bardwyck’s consultants can operate independently or alongside accountants, solicitors, business coaches, marketing and HR professionals or insolvency practitioners, complementing their work with practical help to solve problems and develop highly effective business and marketing strategies.

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