Business improvement through a holistic approach.

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Why Bardwyck?

What makes us different at Bardwyck is:

  1. We look at the whole business and never look at processes or problems in isolation.
  2. We combine sound research and investigation with being practical and down-to-earth
  3. We involve our clients and take full account of their views and needs
  4. We try to ensure minimum disruption to our clients’ day-to-day work
  5. Our price is agreed in advance and represents excellent value for money

A holistic approach

Our over-riding aim is for all the people, processes and systems in our clients’ businesses to work together as a complete system so that they can achieve the business goal as easily as possible. Consequently, we don’t just put in piecemeal solutions that may work perfectly in themselves, but can have a disastrous affect on things going on elsewhere. We look at every process in terms of how it fits into the total scheme, and how it might affect or be affected by other processes across the business. This allows us to develop new processes that complement each other properly; and where we have been called in to solve a problem, we are often able to make the tiniest tweak and unblock the whole system.

Sound research and investigation, yet utterly down-to-earth

Our analysis tools and techniques are well established and proven, but we don’t rely on them alone. We are also very pragmatic: we spend time on the ground so that we can fully understand the issues before coming to any conclusions. We also try out our suggestions before making our final recommendations and will then, if required, stay on to help you put them into practice.

Taking full account of your views and needs

We involve the client’s management team throughout each project, as well as listening carefully to the views and experience of staff and stakeholders. As a result, our final recommendations will have been guided by you, and will clearly reflect the unique needs of your business.

Minimum disruption whilst solving problems

We don’t promise to be invisible: after all, if we are to make use of their experience and needs, we will need access to all the relevant people at the right times during our projects. However, because we see each process as part of the wider business, we often find that just a small tweak or two can have the business running like clockwork – making it more profitable and a happier place to work, too. What could be more different from the huge disruptions caused by big consultancy projects and “business process re-engineering”?

Value for money

It goes without saying that, if we only need to make small changes, they will cost relatively little to put into place. In addition, whether solving problems or planning new processes, we deliver our work as a series of pre-defined audits, each of which has its own price attached. Consequently, there will be no nasty surprises when we send you our bill.

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